Not Russian (ethnic) me, but I am Russian (citizen)

Not Russian me
But I live in Russia
And Russia’s rivers
Gave me strength.
I grew as oak-tree on the mountains
And now I’m free I know and I’m strong
I’m so proud of my own life
And with the Russians
We’ve got one fate.
For centuries in deeds and glory
We’ve lived with Russian
Brothers since olden times
From far away years
Moscow hears my friendly voice,
And always helped us
As the trouble came
And Russian brother,
What on Earth can be dearer?
His own fate with mine forever joined.
Not Russian me, but
I live in Russia
And be my soul forever proud!
I give you five of my lives
And still it wouldn’t be too much
Of my fate the only life.
Bashkir and Russian are always
companions in journey.
They’re at table with
a glass of wine
Companions in arms they are
in times of trouble
Forever in the grave they are
when die.
But when two brothers
were embracing
The mighty Pugachev and Salavat
In your soul that is rich
of friendship
Some more of love was added,
my Russian friend.
Not Russian me, but
I live in Russia.
There’s no higher honour
I’m the Soviet country’s son!
We’re to live together
And to reach still higher
To the shining sparkling
peaks of my life.
And in my soul there are floods
of spring dawns,
And in my eyes there’re sun beams,
In my heart there is a song of hope
Which broke through ages like
a stream.
I became fond of human strength
I learned to take the joy
in all of life
And just for all this, for all
this forever,
I’m grateful to you, my
Russian friend.
You gave taste to my bread
and gave me water
My steppes you turned alive
for me
My people you for it’s
own joy
With other peoples just
united thee.
Not Russian me, but
I live in Russia.
So be my soul forever proud
Even ten lives may cost it
And just you know it
Of my fate the only life.
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